Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive Web designs for tablets and mobile phones

Localmize designed websites automatically display beautifully on tablets, smart phones and mobile devices.

Website designers used to build your site with a fixed width, meaning it would always appear at the same size. But as using the internet on mobile phones became more and more prevalent, it became clear that the old structure of design would have to change. Sites now have to respond to the different sizes of devices.

Localmize designs web sites whose pages scale to fit whichever device people are using to find your business. We follow the latest trends in what is known as “responsive web design” to make sure your website will look great and be easy to use on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

In many cases, a fluid layout can make sure that your website is viewed by users on all devices. Other times, multiple layouts can be dictated for certain size devices. We can also install and build separate mobile sites if that would be most effective. Localmize makes sure your business’ website will be useful and effective for all users and customers.