Referrals for Small Business & Why They’re So Important

As small business owners, we’re all looking for ways to gain new customers while actively retaining the ones we have. Did you know that a referred customer is 18% more likely to stay your customer over a non-referred customer? Referred customers have a connection to you and your business. Whether it’s a connection from a trusted friend or fellow business person, they know your business is getting it done. They’ve been told by someone they trust that you do good work. So, even if you let them down in some small way, they’re more likely to be forgiving because they have a preconceived notion that you are good at what you do. So how do we get more referred customers and what does it mean to begin a referral program?

We figured the best way we could encourage our own customers was to take a look at our own practices. So, that means we’re revamping our own Referral Program. We’ve always tried to incentivize referrals but we’re hoping with our new program, to encourage our happy customers to tell a friend about the work we do. Take a look at our program below. Can your small business do something like this? Our web design team can format a page on your website, just like our own, that sends referral submissions directly to a spreadsheet for you. All you have to do is follow up!

How Our Referral Program Works:

  • For each referral you send us, you will earn you a 10% discount off your monthly maintenance fee *calculated on the calendar year. So, for example, if you sent us 10 referrals during the year, you would earn the equivalent of a FREE month of maintenance on us.
  • When 1 of your referrals signs a contract with Localmize, we will credit your account for a FREE month of maintenance ($300 value)!
  • We also run a program all year that tracks our client Referrals. The client with the most CONTRACTED referrals during a 12 month period will receive up to another $300 credit towards a free month of maintenance along with a full company Bio in our Newsletter and Blog along with Social Media shout outs from Localmize!

Check out our Referral page on our NEW website! Referral Program | Localmize Could your business benefit from a referral page like this? Can you think of a business owner that you could refer to Localmize for your discount? Could a referral program like this work for your business?

People helping people. Small businesses supporting each other. A Referral Program is a great way to thank your current customers by offering discounts, incentives or upgrades for their loyalty and support. Whatever your business is, a referral program can help drive new customers to you. We make it easy by giving your customers an easy way to submit information to you directly from your website. You do the hard work of making your business run successfully every single day, why not ask your customers for a referral! Make it easy for your customers to tell others about the work you’re doing with an online submission form.

Reach out and let us know if a referral program is right for your business. We can help you put it into action! Don’t forget to spread the joy, spread the love, spread the business with a referral of your own. How could Localmize help one of your friends with their business?