Week 1 – Start off 2022 With A Strong Marketing Plan

Change Your Website’s Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing a visitor or possible consumer sees on your website after clicking on an ad or link. In other words, it’s a big deal. Especially with so many consumers now buying more and more online. Remember the old tale that you have seven seconds to make a first impression? Your landing page for your website is your first impression. So make it count. 

Landing pages should be eye-catching and intriguing, but most importantly, they should serve a purpose. Before you start adding all your seasonal bells and whistles, make sure your landing page is serving the right purpose. Are you offering a new promotion? Are you trying to build your email list? Are you capturing lead information for prospective clients or making a limited time offer? Define your purpose and make sure users know immediately what that one purpose is. 

Now that you have your landing page purpose, you need a sprinkle of seasonal whimsy. Whatever season you’re in, use it! Whatever holiday is coming up, use it! A fresh and seasonal website immediately projects a well displayed product line or service. We all enjoy the brisk winter chill, the smell of warm cocoa, the sounds of sleigh-bells ringing and spending time with close friends and family. Take advantage of these motifs in your marketing tactics, especially your website’s landing page, while still serving your main purpose.

Week one goal: Change your website’s landing page. Reach out to our Localmize team with questions. Having a website design and website development team on your side can add huge benefits to your bottom line. It’s easier than you think to clean up your site while optimizing the number of consumers you reach. Give us a call or email us today!