Client Testimonials

Localmize has been vital to getting our business found online.  Before working with Localmize, our website and local listings had very limited visibility, low traffic and was far from the top of the search engine results.  We now have 10 times the amount of traffic to our website and a large increase in new patients!  With our top search engine rankings we have been able to save dramatically by cutting back on our paid print advertising.  Great Job and Great Company!
Paul Krause
Paul Krause Dental / Omaha, Nebraska
We appreciated the work you did for our company! The website looks awesome! We’ve had several customers tell us how they found us on the internet and have commented that we have a great website. We appreciated the fact that you worked on project right away. Localmize is definitely making an impact on how clients are finding us and we are beginning to get hits from different areas. When potential customers look up “natural stone” in different cities our company is appearing on the first page. Thank you for taking over all the .com companies and making our work easier. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone asking for online service references.Good job, keep up the great work!
Baltazar Sauceda
Baltazar’s Stone / Omaha, Nebraska
We started using Localmize in September and our estimates jumped to over 12 per week. Early results like these are impressive and while they may drop off we are expecting the lead to remain in the 8 to 10 per week range. We can’t get new customers unless we get leads and Localmize has proven to be a great resource in getting potential customers to our website. We are very happy with the work done by Localmize and we expecting to continue to get great results. We would recommend Localmize to anyone who wants to optimize their presence on the web!
Rick and Cathy Tichy
Molly Maid / Omaha, Nebraska / Council Bluffs, Iowa
I am a small business owner in the cosmetology field. I met Troy (Localmize) about 6 weeks before I opened my own salon. Localmize has designed my site which I absolutely love He sends me reports every month on how much action it has had with major search engines. He helps me send mass emails which save me money. He has all kinds of ideas on how to get new business booming! They even go in and add pictures and change things to the site to keep it fresh and exciting. I have decided it’s all about word of mouth and website. If someone hears about you or drives by and sees your sign, the first thing they are going to do is look up your website on their phone! That is the crucial point! If your site doesn’t “awe” them or they can’t find it. That customer is gone! Localmize services are money well spent! If you are a new business or an existing business looking for ways to drum up new clients- Localmize has all kinds of ideas for you!! I am very grateful for all they have done for me.
Beth Roth
Bloom a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon / Papillion, Nebraska