Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Localmize has been vital to getting our business found online. Before working with Localmize, our website and local listings had very limited visibility, low traffic and was far from the top of the search engine results. We now have 10 times the amount of traffic to our website and a large increase in new patients! With our top search engine rankings we have been able to save dramatically by cutting back on our paid print advertising. Great Job and Great Company!


Paul Krause​

Krause Dental

We tried another service specific to Chiropractors- and came back as soon as that contract was over! Localmize provided such a better product and service, especially with ensuring our data was correct across the Web. And given our address change, it was very apparent the other company did not do a thorough job, which likely impacted our search results online.


After a successful run on Bar Rescue, we completely overhauled our business model and food offerings. Part of that plan was to create an attractive and fully functioning website. The team at Localmize did a great job of taking our vision and our concepts for MoonRunners into our website. They’ve been instrumental in building the huge customer following that MoonRunners has. When we were able to expand our business with a Food Truck, Localmize helped us to build that into our site as well as start a social media campaign for all aspects of the business. They are quick to respond to changes needed both on the website and within social media. The team at Localmize has been instrumental in our brand building and in handling all of our social media channels.


My vision was to create a website dedicated to Ice fishing. I wanted it to become a go-to place that like-minded Ice fishing enthusiasts could find tournaments near them. The Localmize team took my vision and built a website that became exactly what I wanted. They found the exact purple that I wanted and wrote the content that makes it
very easy for someone to find us!


Chris Meister


I am a small business owner in the cosmetology field. Localmize has designed my site which I absolutely love They even go in and add pictures and change things to the site to keep it fresh and exciting. I have decided it’s all about word of mouth and website. If someone hears about you or drives by and sees your sign, the first thing they are going to do is look up your website on their phone! That is the crucial point! If your site doesn’t “awe” them or they can’t find it. That customer is gone! Localmize services are money well spent! If you are a new business or an existing business looking for ways to drum up new clients- Localmize has all kinds of ideas for you!! I am very grateful for all they have done for me.


Beth Roth

Bloom Salon