Digital Advertising

In this rapidly changing world, digital advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can become a bottomless pit of where and how to spend time and money outside of traditional advertising. We work closely with our clients to understand budget restrictions and produce the Return On Investment (ROI) needed. We build relationships between our clients and our marketing strategists to develop unique digital advertising campaigns with the highest possible returns on ad channel investment. Our personalized PPC or digital advertising techniques will help you increase your online presence, generate more leads and higher quality traffic so you end up with more prospects and revenue.

Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the most efficient and effective ways to increase overall traffic to your site while quickly generating new leads and raising brand awareness. Customizing your Google Ads experience by working with our marketing strategists will help you to meet your needs, while driving quality traffic and leads to your business. We are accustomed to working with budgets of all sizes for marketing campaigns. Regularly working with businesses that know every dime must be accounted for, invested and measured for return is the norm for your Localmize team. We take the time to know our clients so we can understand your business and develop a marketing strategy that maximizes every opportunity and minimizes the amount of money you pay-per-click.

Benefits of Google Ads:

  • Only pay for ads that truly increase business
  • Increase overall traffic to your website
  • Reach potential customers before your competitors
  • Fully customizable ad experience for your target audience
  • Enables you to follow consumers with Retargeting
  • Help you to reach customers using text messages
  • Quantity and quality tracking
  • Team to instantly adjust campaign to maximize impact of ad
  • Option to run multiple and/or layered campaigns to suit marketing needs.

Google Ads With Localmize

Our goal at Localmize is to boost your business digitally to be as successful as possible, which is why we work so closely with you to set up a Google Ads campaign that focuses on your business goals. Our strategists will continuously update you on clicks, conversions, and impressions that your ads are creating through search engines. Until we reach satisfactory results, we work with you to convert, pivot, and redirect to gain the clicks, conversions and impressions that are needed in your digital channels. The full power and experience of our team is available to steer and create awesome campaigns, but you are 100% in charge of all final decisions. You decide how much ad spend you want to invest in your campaign. You decide how long you want to run your online advertising campaign. You make all final decisions.

Research, Strategize & Measure Results: PPC, Search Engine Marketing, and More!

We do all the background research about your products, your competitors, your competitor’s online activities, interests, and detailed demographic profiles. We deep dive into your website and online presence to know what’s working and what isn’t. Then we work closely with you to identify new opportunities and ways to improve. Using this research, we then conduct a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy session. We will strategize and outline our recommendations for reaching your audience through PPC / SEM / Adwords to roll out a full campaign to reach your objectives and goals. 


No client is like another. No industry, product or campaign is the same. We will measure the effectiveness of your campaign against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and digital advertising metrics. Whether your website is driven by purchase, lead generation, a PDF download, or an incoming phone call, we can track it, measure it, report on it and optimize your campaign to deliver your goals.

PPC Services From Localmize

Whatever your advertising goals are, our team will design and then develop a marketing program or individual campaign to fit your needs.

Our PPC Services with your Localmize team look like this: 

  • One-on-One meeting to discuss digital advertising Goals
  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Account Set Up
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • Monthly Reporting & Strategic Meeting 

A strong digital advertising campaign using PPC competes in a fast paced environment within an ever changing market. Successful campaigns require the dedication of a team with attention to detail that can watch and anticipate changing patterns in your industry. Localmize’ Digital Advertising Team is here to help your business thrive. Our certified Google Ads Experts will create a campaign with you that maximizes your return on investment. We are 100% transparent in our reporting, so you will never question where your funds are spent, and always available to you for questions and ideas along the way. Our business is built on building relationships with clients. While we do the heavy lifting, the most successful Google Ad Campaigns are built working side by side with business owners that are actively involved in improving and implementing changes along the way. 

Contact our team today to see digital advertising examples from a wide variety of digital ad formats including display advertising, social media ads, and PPC, that have transformed the success of our clients! With your own digital ad campaign and an industry leading digital advertising strategy from Localmize Digital Marketing, the world is your oyster!

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