Watch Out For These Domain Name Scams

More recently than ever before, domain scammers have been infiltrating mail and email inboxes, trying to get unsuspecting recipients to give up private security information. These domain name scams can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, leaving you nothing in return. Here are some of the top domain name scams of the year and tips to avoid them.

Domain Slamming is a scam that tricks the user into thinking that they are re-registering their domain name into an official domain registry. These emails are invoice-like and include urgent statements about time running out. These emails are often sent out by names like “The Official Domain Name Registry,” which sounds trustworthy, but is actually illegitimate. 

The Website Listing Scam tricks the user by claiming to be a “Website Listing Company.” These also come in the form of invoice-like emails and ask the recipient to pay for their “legitimate” services, including submitting your domain name to search engines and social media. But, their services are not legitimate and may lead to you losing your money and your domain name entirely.

The Multiple Domain Name Scam deceives the recipient by saying there is another domain website attempting to use your company’s name and trademark information. Their emails often sound urgent, as if they are trying to help you from getting scammed. Unfortunately, they are the scammers themselves.

Remember these tips and tricks to avoid email and mail inbox domain name scammers. Make sure to:

  • Check if it is a legitimate company
  • Know who you bought your domain name from
  • Know your official domain name expiration date
  • Only renew your domain name through the company you purchased it from
  • Never share personal or sensitive information with suspicious people or companies
  • When in doubt, contact Localmize and we will check into it for you

Always be careful giving out any personal or company information to someone new. Domain name scammers can be dangerous to you, your company, your website and your wallet.