List Broker Still Growing After a Century by Evolving with Technology

“Even a company that is over 125 years old needs SEO in this day and age,” states Joseph Marchese, Vice President of Sales at WS Ponton. The premium marketing data company was formed in 1885, and since then WS Ponton has continued its tradition of excellence which has led to the company’s success and status as a market leader. They have been providing list brokers with mailing lists even before the term “list broker” was coined. WS Ponton, clearly no stranger to advertising, has spent millions of dollars on print and online advertising since the 1920s and has mailed tens of thousands of catalogs over the years, but still they’ve discovered that a strong web presence and effective SEO is essential.

Business-to-business clients have changed the way they search for vendors and suppliers. Marchese explains, “List brokers, advertising agencies, and marketing firms no longer defer to the traditional directories and trade publications to search for vendors. Now, our prospective clients’ favorite tool is their search bar.” The century-old mailing list company has learned from experience that even the most established company with the most relevant product needs proper SEO to be found by today’s prospective clients. WS Ponton has developed their company website, online presence, and online advertising for over 25 years, but found that they truly needed effective search engine optimization in order to be found online. Google Adwords had been an effective method for them when it came to being found on Google, but the tens of thousands of dollars spent over 25 years was only effective when there was money left in the budget for the day. WS Ponton decided they should find a reputable SEO company to ensure they consistently be found at the top of online search results and ultimately they selected Localmize, an Omaha-based marketing company with web expertise and a proven track record. Since enlisting Localmize as their SEO partner, WS Ponton is now found on the first page for many of its targeted keywords allowing potential customers to find the marketing data provider online for its premium list broker services, premium mailing lists, and exclusive email lists.

“Even if you are a 100-year-old company,” says Marchese, “without the proper SEO, your prospective clients will not find you even if you have exactly what they’re looking for. We’ve loved working with Localmize and we appreciate their dedication to making sure our rankings for target keywords are steady and staying on top of other relevant keywords to improve their rankings.”