Local SEO Audit

An SEO Analysis of Your Business on the Web!

We perform an SEO analysis, identify your website’s SEO problems and give you expert recommendations for making improvements.

Many businesses don’t realize how poorly they’re ranked in searches. Those that do realize usually don’t know what needs to be done to improve. Localmize’s team of SEO Experts quickly and efficiently performs an SEO analysis to see where your business stands in the world of Google and Bing.

The results of this SEO analysis are then given to you in a report…but we don’t stop there! Localmize believes EVERYONE can improve their online presence they just need to know where to start, so we make personalized website SEO recommendations to help you raise your rankings.

Here's what we do:

  • Carefully search and document all online occurrences of your Business Name, Address, Phone , Website & Category.
  • Check that page titles and descriptions are present and optimized.
  • Check that headings (h1 tags) are present and optimized.
  • Ensure you’re not delivering server errors to your site’s visitors.
  • Look for any broken links on your site.
  • Confirm images have alt tags.

This Local SEO Audit is a great way to know exactly how optimized and search-engine-friendly your business is and what you should do to dominate online!

How are we different?

  • Each SEO audit is performed by a member of our expert staff — by hand
  • Our SEO analysis is of the entire website, not just select pages
  • We use world class tools and technique recommended by Google and Bing

What do we include?

  • Full SEO analysis of your keywords, page titles and other key SEO factors
  • A complete analysis of your business’s website and online presence performed by our SEO Experts
  • A comprehensive SEO Audit report including recommendations from our expert staff to help fix issues