Reputation Management

Your business reputation is everything, and you work incredibly hard for it. Word of mouth can spread quickly within a community, but bad reviews online can last for years and be seen by thousands of potential customers. Having a reputation management team like Localmize on your side can help you play a strong defensive role when ratings and reviews are hurting your business. With so many online and social media platforms for customers to review businesses on, it’s become increasingly more difficult to keep up with each review and handle them accordingly. There’s no “I” in defense. It’s a team effort. Let our team show you how we can help you strategize and combat bad reviews in real time when they happen so that your brand thrives online!

Online Reputation Management Details

Localmize provides online reputation management services using industry leading reputation management software to improve how and what online consumers see about your business. Here are just a few of the benefits of starting a reputation management campaign with Localmize:

  • Receive instant review alerts by text or email with customized messages
  • Respond to reviews all in one place from your personal dashboard
  • Promote your best reviews to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Monitor and track reviews & ratings over time by location, visitors, positive/negative
  • Easily manage your online reputation with a fully customizable experience with the app
  • Access to our experts to help strategize and communicate

Ratings Lead To Customers

With more consumers shopping online than ever before, customer ratings and reviews have become a starting point for shoppers. They are also a huge factor in decision making. According to Vendasta, more than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their shopping decisions and the star rating is the number one factor used to judge a business. Unfortunately, angry customers are usually quicker to review a business than happy ones. It is best to tackle them head on and do what you can to make things right.

Angry Reviews? No Thanks

So, how do you counter an angry review? How do you ensure your rankings and brand’s online reputation don’t take a hit? How do you protect your brand’s reputation from the one customer who was having a bad day before they found out you were out of soy milk? Utilizing our reputation management strategies, monitoring, and management software, Localmize can help.

Keep Strong Reviews Visible With a Reputation Management Company

With a strong reputation management company on your side, you can always have your strongest reviews most visible to your consumers. Localmize will help ensure that your target audience is seeing more positive than negative and can help you contain the spread of a single negative review. It takes vigilance and to be consistently monitoring reviews across hundreds of possible sites – most business owners just don’t have the time to dedicate, but we do.

Looking to prioritize your online reviews? Protect the outward appearance of your business online with one of the leading reputation management firms in the country! Contact us today to learn more about our reputation management campaigns and stomp out those negative reviews for positive customer feedback instead! 

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