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Monitor online reviews in real-time!

Now you can monitor in real time social media sites and top consumer review sites where your business might be mentioned to know what is being said about you online as well as use specially designed tools to quickly respond to comments and reviews.

all-reviewsPeople’s positive opinions should be just as visible as the negative, and for those unfortunate instances of negative comments, you should have the opportunity and ability to address the situation. However, it’s incredibly difficult to constantly monitor your entire online reputation.

The tools included in My Review Spy let you see what people have said about your business across the web and then allow you to contact commenters to remedy a situation or thank a happy customer. You can also study the trends in comments and opinions to make improvements to your products and/or services in the future.

Start with your best foot forward with every potential new client who researches you online by staying on top of your online presence with My Review Spy from Localmize.

Benefits of My Review Spy


Monitor All Reviews in One Place!

In the reviews section, you can monitor top consumer sites where your business might be mentioned in reviews or social media.

When you see good reviews, you will want to spread that around as much as possible. If you see a bad review, My Review Spy will prompt you to respond. You can post an apology, explanation, or incentive in order to win back the customer.



Monitor Multiple Locations!

You can set up My Review Spy to monitor more than one city in order to see how your business is being reviewed at each location.

Use this information to adjust your products and services as needed.





Monitor The Competition!

Add in a competitor or two and see how your reviews stack up against theirs.

This intel can be an effective tool in your arsenal. You’ll be able to know their strengths, weaknesses, and unique personal touches.





Online Reputation Management Services

A little negative information about your business mixed in with the good often makes potential customers trust reviews more overall, but there are times when there’s too much negative information that is ultimately harming your business. Unfortunately, online comments and opinions can only be taken down by whoever posted them, but Localmize’s reputation management services will make damaging information less prominent. The trained online reputation management staff at Localmize can help you put the emphasis back on the positive side of your business’ reputation. Click HEREto find out more!

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