Search Engine Ranking & Traffic Reporting

Track, Measure, Improve

Getting your website search engine optimized is just the beginning. We work with you to select the keywords and phrases that you would like your site to rank in top search results for and track them with our comprehensive search engine ranking tool. We monitor all major search engines too.

You can log in and check your stats at any time, download them as PDFs or spreadsheets, or just wait for them to be automatically emailed to your inbox.

Track – keep an eye on how your site ranks for targeted keywords and phrases
Measure – discover the amount of traffic coming to your site
Improve – tweak page titles, headlines, and text to increase keyword rankings (we’ll do this for you)
Report – get stats emailed to your inbox or login to check them out

All Localmize plans include monthly reporting on how your business ranks in searches for top keywords in your local area.

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