4 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Stay Away From Free Website Builders

One of the biggest steps behind starting a business or revamping your marketing efforts is getting a website created! There are numerous different routes you can go when getting a website developed, and typically there are two options you can take when it comes to choosing who will build it. In reality, it boils down to whether or not you want your website to serve as a long term investment that serves as the digital face of your brand for years to come. Many business owners turn to free website builders to get a simple website up as quickly as they can, but this can ultimately serve as a mistake in the long run! There are many intricacies behind a well functioning website that are better taken care of if you choose to go with a professional web development team or digital marketing agency. In this blog, we will review some of the reasons why going with a free website builder is poor choice, and why investing in a professionally made website can go a long way for your business!

Limited Design Options

Free website builders typically have a very limited selection of templates that you can choose from and even fewer customization options. This means that your site will look generic compared to professionally designed websites with custom designs tailored for your brand. Having a design that truly matches your brand adds a level of authenticity that goes a long way in attracting possible customers who are looking for genuine and authentic businesses. Additionally, these templates are often outdated and use old coding languages which make them difficult to update or maintain over time.

Low Quality Hosting

One of the major downsides to using a free website builder is that they typically have low quality hosting options. Free website builders often offer limited server space and slow loading speeds, which can be detrimental for your business’s online presence. Slow loading speeds can lead to visitors leaving your site before it even loads, resulting in lost potential customers. Additionally, these sites are prone to crashing or going offline due to their lack of reliable hosting solutions. This means that you could potentially lose out on valuable leads and sales if your site isn’t hosted correctly! Investing in a professionally built website with a reliable hosting service will ensure that visitors always have access to your content without any issues!

No Professional Support

When it comes to website development, professional support is a necessity. Unfortunately for those that choose to use free website builders, they are usually left without any sort of professional help with their websites. Free website builders typically don’t have any customer service or technical support teams in place and if an issue arises, you’re left on your own trying to figure out the problem. Without access to knowledgeable individuals who can assist in fixing issues quickly and efficiently, business owners could potentially be stuck dealing with a broken website for days until they find the solution themselves. Additionally, when using free website builders there is no guarantee that their platform will remain updated with the latest technologies and security measures which leaves them open to potential threats from hackers or malicious software. Investing in a professionally built site ensures that you have access to quality customer service and technical support teams available 24/7 should any issues arise!

Limited SEO Benefits

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, free website builders are not the best choice. They often have limited tools and features that can help you with SEO, making it difficult to maximize visibility on major search engines like Google and Bing. Along with this, these sites usually lack essential coding techniques such as meta tags which are crucial for achieving higher rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Their hosting solutions are often unreliable and slow-loading speeds mean that visitors may leave your site before it even has a chance to load properly – all of which contribute negatively towards improving SEO performance.

When it comes to down to it, investing more time, detail, and money in your website by going with a team of professionals can go a long way. Quick fixes with free website builders is never the right choice!