Creative Ways to Get Your Small Business NOTICED

Everyone is looking for a way to make their business stand out. No matter how big or small your business is, we want people to notice what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it. So, what are some creative ways to get the word out about your products and services? Digital marketing offers a ton of options for getting your business noticed. 

  1. Utilize Social Media with “How To” videos or “Day 1 in the life of…” 

Self created, quick videos are the new marketing and advertising. People want to see products and services and they want to know who is behind them. This does not take training, in fact, the novelty of it can sometimes drive more attention and buzz around a product or service, because you’re new to it. 

  1. Create Buzz through Community Challenge

Creating a community push for sweaters, jackets, shoes, food, anything really that can be donated or used for the homeless or for a women’s shelter. Whatever cause means the most to you, get your community involved in giving back. Run a promotion, when “x” number of cans of food are donated, everyone that donates puts their name in (great place to use a product). Pull a name for a prize! The point is to engage your customers when they come to donate. 

  1. Network, Network, Never Not Networking

Networking takes place anywhere, anytime and as a small business owner, ALL of the time. Purchase business cards, have them with you at all times. Talk to everyone. Networking doesn’t just take place at a networking event. Network, work, sleep, repeat. 

  1. Reward Referrals and ask everyone you know to get it on the fun, even your parents!

Here’s where you can have some fun with friends and family. An actual referral program online is a great way to reach new customers, but make sure you’re utilizing those closest to you. A friends and family network discount is a great way to reward those that came in because of a friend or family member. Pick a discount point that doesn’t hurt too much, but definitely rewards people for stopping by or calling you. 

  1. Offer free products/services to local influencers/bloggers

This one may be out of your comfort zone if you’re new to social media marketing, but it’s a great way to get people to visit your online space for products or services. 

Find out: 

  • Does this influence have a relevant audience for my business? 
  • How engaged is this influencer with their followers? 
  • How many followers? – At 1k to 10k for small businesses.
  1. Utilize Google Ad Space & PPC Marketing

There are a ton of tutorials and how-to’s for Google Ad Space and PPC Marketing. Localmize can help steer you through and help you with content and keyword optimization, even for beginners! This is an easy and inexpensive way to dip your toe into online marketing. 

  1. Follow & Interact with similar trade influencers on Twitter, Facebook, TicTok

Make sure your business page is following, sharing and commenting on posts from similar product and/or services pages, similar, not competing. Let’s be clear. You want to be noticed for supporting other businesses, not bringing them down. Use your social media presence for good! You are being watched by everyone else on social media so encourage, share the love and be active with those that can share the love back to your products and services. 

Getting your business noticed can be relatively easy as you become more comfortable with digital marketing. Don’t forget, your team at Localmize can help with any questions you may have. Contact | Localmize