Personal Images vs. Stock Images: Why You Should Include Your Own Images Over Stock Images On Your Website

Images are an essential ingredient of your website content! When you use images on your site, they help in grabbing the attention of your visitors and adds value to the text of your web page. The original images that you upload to your site creates a deeper impact on the visitors than stock photos can do. This is because genuine and original images look more real and credible than the ones which have been purchased via stock photo sites. Stock photos fail to evoke emotions or create a personal connection with the viewer. Hence it’s best if you embed original photos with attractive composition instead of using stock images on weak quality websites. Here are some reasons why this holds true:

Stock Photos Can Be Generic

Stock photos are often way too generic and fail to convey any message. They can be seen on several websites and hence lack the visual appeal that original images carry with them. The last thing you would want visitors on your website to find is a picture that they recognize from a competitors site. This could lower your credibility while also convey that you didn’t put a ton of effort into your website. Go above and beyond and display to possible customers with your imaging that their business will be worth their while.

Original Images Catch Attention Better

If you want your web pages to stay in the memory of visitors, then using original images is a great idea. The attractive composition and content of these pictures help in capturing their attention easily which stock photo websites cannot do so easily. It is pretty easy for users to identify a stock image from an original one so it is easier for them to dismiss an image that does not catch their attention. Imaging on your website should truthfully be one of the primary factors present that snag a visitor to your site, while keeping them there without the risk of leaving to a different site.

Genuine Images Create a Personal Connection

When using original pictures you get an opportunity to showcase the activities or products from your own perspective which gives a more personal touch instead of having similar boring stock photos on your website. This engages visitors who are not just passive viewers but active customers. Many visitors will come across your site and want to see real imaging of what they could experience if they decide to go with you, and having a stock image display of service elsewhere could turn them away from your business.

Original Images Can Showcase Emotion

The great thing about genuine images is that they can be used to showcase the human emotions even better than stock photos. This helps in engaging with visitors on both a personal and professional level which enhances their overall experience of the website’s content. For any business owner, you want to develop a personal and genuine connection with first time visitors to your site, and you can’t accomplish that with stale images!

Authenticity Adds Trust

Some people distrust such stock images because it’s hard to know if they have been edited or manipulated by anyone else before being used on various sites. Therefore using original pictures will help you in building trust amongst your audience as they will see that all the data and information present on your site is accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Maintaining a level of authenticity goes a long way for businesses, as customers who visit their site get a legitimate feel for their service and offerings, so having genuine pictures really make the difference.

Get out there and start including some personal imaging on your website!