Tips To Build a Website That Turns Visitors Into Customers

We just completed a four part series in January to start your business off with a strong marketing plan in 2022. Now that you’ve got a good base for your website development and what its purpose is, we want to help you convert your visitors into actual buying customers. How do we get a visitor to stick? To stay on your site? We’ve got some tips and tricks to help your visitors become consumers. 

  1. Ranking, Ranking, Ranking

As you know by now, your website ranking is kinda the most important thing when it comes to having a website. What’s the purpose of creating a page that no one will ever see?! Everything we do at Localmize for our clients is to improve their rankings. Whether through content or ad pages, social media and brand reputation. Writing content with important phrases, keywords and utilizing a pay-per click program can have a huge impact on your ranking. 

  1. Landing Page Purpose & Strategy

In Week Two of our January series, we discussed this at length. Changing, updating, refreshing your landing page often can keep your consumers and visitors excited about what your business will do next and it makes your page seem fresh if it’s seasonally based. Run promotions, make seasonal changes and suggestions for your consumers to ensure you’re engaging with them every time they click. 

  1. Increase Customer Awareness of Brand and Need

Most consumers only stay on a website for about 7 seconds before making a decision to stay or leave. You have 7 seconds to grab their attention and reassure them that they are in the right place. Are you able to grab their attention? Reach out to Localmize to see how we can help!

  1. Call to Action, Include a Guarantee

See what I did at the end of Number 3 – “a call to action.” Yeah, we’re pretty good at this! Engage your customers. Tell them exactly what your product or service is and guarantee your work. 

  1. Customer Incentives or Bonuses

Using bonuses or incentives such as special offers or programs can be a useful tactic to get more consumers. Limited time deals and discounts can work on specific product offerings as well. 

Ensuring your website traffic is converting to customers can be a huge challenge independently. Working with a team of experts to analyze your site rankings and what may be missing, is a great way to understand what needs to be done, to get you to Number 1. We’ve grown our business by helping small businesses just like yours. We can help you! Reach out to Localmize today.