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At Localmize, we build great websites for our customers. We also manage social media campaigns and handle reputation management for our customers. One of the biggest benefits of working with a digital marketing company is that we take care of the maintenance and sprucing up of your website. You don’t have to worry about it operating and staying high in rankings, that’s our job. One of the biggest mistakes we see by business owners is that they’ve taken the time to build their own website and think that’s it, that’s enough. The site is up, done. Unfortunately, the website never really shows up in search engines to begin with and within a few months is outdated and even lower in rankings. So, what was the mistake?

Importance of Regular Analytics

The first problem is that a website built without keyword analytics doesn’t truly help new customers find you unless they already know about your business and search you directly by name and location. Otherwise, your business will not show up in search results. Let’s say best case scenario, it does show up, somewhere towards the bottom in an initial search, what happens in a few months when no new info has been written for your site? It sinks more. A few more months, it’s drowning in the world wide web. All of that initial time to set up your site is washed away within a few months because there is no maintenance taking place on your site every single month. 

Maintenance or Revamping Completely

As a Localmize customer, you see your analytic report that we send every month. That report isn’t just sent and forgotten. Behind the scenes, our team analyzes that data and then distributes the work that needs to be done to improve ranking, improve traffic, improve leads, etc. Your data tells our team exactly where to spend our time and what course of action we need to take to improve your website experience. 

If you are not a Localmize customer, maybe you’ve built your own site and you’ve had a few people mention the site to you, but you’re not really seeing an increase in traffic or bottom line, we’d like to help. We work with customers all of the time that started their first site but realized that running the business takes every second of their time. Trust us, we get it! We just revamped our own website!!! It’s taken us a long time to take care of our own website because it kept getting pushback so we could take care of our customers instead! So, yeah, we get it! We’ve been there! Taking care of your own website just takes a back seat to taking care of your customers. At Localmize, we’re guilty too! We’ve been taking care of our customers! We finally got our new site finished. Take a look! SEO Company | Web Design | Digital Marketing | Localmize

Reasons to Revamp Your Site

If your website is older than 2 years, it’s probably time to revamp it, change it up, redesign it. Studies show that online shoppers spend less than 4 seconds to make a decision about staying on a website before they go back to search results. Within 4 seconds, someone has made up their mind about whether your company is what they were looking for. Here are some top reasons to revamp your website, now: 

  1. First Impressions Are Everything

First impression literally means within 4 seconds, stay and shop or leave a site. So, in 4 seconds think like a consumer, what do your customers see on your site within 4 seconds? 

  1. Technical Issues

Technical issues must be fixed Immediately. If your site doesn’t load or looks sketchy based on the technical setup of your page, no one is giving you their credit card information. Technical issues and visible mistakes must be corrected. 

  1. Decision Making Based on Color Schematics

Color plays a HUGE role in our decision making. There are two colors that immediately represent an action to most adults. Can you think of what these two colors are? Red & Green. Red means stop. Green means Go. It’s so ingrained into our minds, that we often don’t realize decision making is even taking place. We unconsciously make decisions associated with colors. The colors on your website do matter and they should, of course, represent your brand but they should also be fresh and updated while inviting customers in without assaulting them! 

  1. Has Your Branding Changed? 

If your branding has changed, your website should reflect it. It’s that simple. Your website should match the branding that you’ve created. The very purpose of branding is to create a campaign that immediately represents your business, in all aspects. 

  1. Is Your Website Unresponsive or Slow to Load? 

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your site, your users are as well. Those users do not become customers because they’re immediately turned away. 

  1. Is It Difficult to Navigate Your Site or Difficult to Find Information? 

Your site layout should be easy to navigate for all users. Your pages should lead your consumer on a journey with a conversion point on every page. Your users shouldn’t need to click out of one page to make a decision, it should lead them directly to that point. Good design makes all the difference. 

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At Localmize, we understand the importance of taking care of your customers and building your business. Make your website a priority for your business. Your website should be driving new growth and new profits for you. How does your website rank? Does it need to improve? Let us know how we can help you grow your business, one user at a time. Contact | Localmize
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