What is Reputation Management and How Do I Know If My Business Needs Help

What is Reputation Management and How Do I Know If My Business Needs Help

As a small business owner, at some point, you’ve probably made someone angry. As much as you may try to avoid it, sometimes it just can’t be helped. Did you lie awake worrying about that one angry customer and wonder, “What if they leave a bad review online?” Yes, of course you were worried that they may tell a friend or neighbor about their one bad experience but if they put up a bad review online, it’s there F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Nah, that’s where Localmize can help! Reputation management is how your digital marketing team can help shape public perception or overall value of your service or product by influencing your digital footprint of your business. 

Reputation Management Defined

Character is loosely defined as what you do, what your actions are, when no one is watching. Reputation can be defined as who people think you are based on what they’ve heard or read about you. Your reputation can be destroyed with a bad review. Your character of how you handle it, how you fix it will speak volumes about the longevity of your business. So, how do you fix it? 

Online Reputation Management

So much of our communication now happens online. We are a digital world, especially since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. More customers are using reviews and ordering online right now than ever before. Because so much of our communication is digitally based now, Localmize can use social media and SEO research to fix problems. Your virtual reputation can cause ripples in your revenue and customer base for years to come if not managed correctly. Your brand reputation, or what people think about your business, influences your customers’ buying decisions. 

How Big Companies Survive Reputation Maintenance

In 2017, United Airlines spent nearly a billion dollars fixing their reputation after a customer was forcibly removed from one of their aircraft. The footage of the situation online spread like wildfire. United Airlines is still flying but with a different image today. A smaller business could never recoup that type of damage if one customer wanted to create this type of reputation disaster.

How You Can Survive With Reputation Management

Localmize is one of the best digital marketing companies in the game. Our SEO strategy and regular maintenance tasks are able to notify you immediately of a negative review so that we can work with you on a marketing strategy to fix it.  We can help you bring down a negative review to a manageable level while uplifting positive customer experiences and responses. Don’t let a bad review ruin your reputation before you know what hit you!

A Digital Strategy for Your Online Reputation Management

At digital marketing agencies like Localmize, your regular website maintenance and web design utilize search engine ranking, social media platforms and your site’s performance to build a professional website that truly represents your company. Your services and clients are a reflection of what you bring to your business and local community. Ensure that when people visit your site, they see your site is working properly, collecting new leads and transitioning potential buyers to closed sales.

Localmize is the Answer to your Reputation Management Questions

Our social media marketing and e-commerce development will work with your current website traffic to determine where your customers are making their decisions. We will use our proven SEO strategy and our web development to enhance your site and drive more consumers to it. Helping your potential customers weave past or never notice that bad review. Reach out and ask us how we can help your search engine rankings through reputation management. Contact | Localmize