Website Analytics

Utilizing our analytics, we can optimize your site to outcompete the local competition.

Business Guru Peter Drucker once said, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. That’s where Localmize comes in. Utilizing Google Analytics, we will track page views, clicks, time on site, conversions, and much more. SEO companies will often hide results from their clients. Not with our SEO company, with us, you will get a transparent relationship. We’ll show you all of the data you could possibly want, this way you know exactly how well your website, social media campaign, or AdWords campaign is performing. We can even give you insights into your competitors’ website performance. When you work with Localmize, you get a dedicated team to help you grow.

Google Analytics

Our SEO company will take every possible step to ensure that your business grows, utilizing Google Analytics makes this possible. If we don’t track website views, conversions, and other data, we’ll never know how much your website’s performance has improved. Google Analytics integrates perfectly with Google Adwords and our call tracking metrics to accurately track your website traffic, calls, PPC advertising, and your social media campaign. Google Analytics will track customers’ behavior such as the duration on site, which pages, they visited, and more. With Localmize you get transparent data and expert advice on how to improve your website performance.

In-depth Reporting

Localmize will provide you with a detailed report every month on how your website is performing. Our detailed web analytics report will enable you to make informed decisions on how you run your business. Our in-depth analytics reporting includes:

  • Organic Rankings
  • Competition Reporting
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media

Our report is customized so that you see the data that is most relevant to you. We want to ensure that we have a transparent relationship with our clients. If you ever have a question about your report, you can always contact us for a direct answer and also feel confident that we are monitoring your report and will contact you directly if we notice something you should be aware of.

Localizing Your Business

Utilizing our analytics, we can optimize your site to outcompete the local competition. We can see how well your competition and develop a game plan to either keep or get you ahead of the competition. We encourage you to have a strategy meeting with us once a month to go over your site and its performance to ensure that your site is up to date and meeting your expectations.

Reach your business goals by properly tracking them with web analytic tracking. Let Localmize take your business to the next level with insights from Google Analytics.

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