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Social Media Marketing may sound simplistic if you’re already familiar with social media. Where social media marketing gets tricky is using it across multiple platforms to promote your business or services. Social media continues to grow and become more diverse in its offerings and consumers who login. To specify, there are currently 6 main types of social media platforms business owners should or could use. We work with your business to simplify the process, develop your content, edit and schedule posts across ALL the platforms you choose. And, of course we’re available to help you choose the best platforms for your business, because over-saturation can be a problem just the same as not doing enough social media marketing, getting the balance just right is very critical… think Goldilocks.


Six main types of social media​

  1. Social Networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  2. Blog comments & Forums, such as Blogger and Reddit
  3. Microblogging, such as Twitter & Tumblr
  4. Bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest & Flipboard
  5. Social News sites, such as Reddit & Digg
  6. Media Sharing, such as YouTube & TikTok

A Social Media Audit

The Social Media Marketing team at Localmize will audit your social media presence and deliver a comprehensive plan to engage and grow your target audience. Our team will work closely with you to:

  • Create an effective social media marketing strategy across appropriate platforms
  • Determine the proper steps for implementation
  • Continue to research and utilize keyword research, phrases and topics relevant to your business
  • Monitor and adjust your presence to the most important online trends
  • Create and distribute ads to further reach your target audience

A Huge Potential Audience

If you could get only 0.000001% of current social media users as new customers that would be 4,000 additional people spending money with you – what would that do for your business?  Our team will work with you to develop the best course of action and regularly meet with you to ensure goals are being met and new customers are coming to your business.

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