Website Analytics

Web Analytics

How does a business know the areas that need improvement without seeing the numbers? Often marketing companies like to hide results from clients as they don’t know where to look to direct a client to areas of improvement. However, with Localmize, expect a transparent relationship. We are open to showing you all the analytics you wish to see! What’s the point in hiding YOUR business numbers from you? Let Locamlize help you understand areas of improvement within your company.

Google Analytics

Localmize is taking steps to help businesses improve customer expereince with digital analytics. We use Google Analytics as our analytic provider. The great thing about Google Analytics over other analytic sites is that it goes hand-in-hand with Google Adwords and call tracking metrics making it easier to monitor where improvements need to be made online in order to increase traffic. Analytics help evaluate the full customer journey and drive results; no matter your industry. Just as Google does best, they make it easy to keep track of customers’ visits by tracking behavior, performance, duration, and much more.

Providing useful information when it comes to analytics is key in helping both grow your business but also to see the return of investment from your marketing efforts. Localmize digs into analytics using Google Analytics to provide you with the most accurate results from website traffic and PPC advertising.

We provide insights that will help drive traffic whether it be calls, contact forms, website traffic, appointments, or visitors to your business. Let us know your goals and we will deliver them.

Web analytics is one of the most effective internet marketing tools. Not only does it help the Localmize team, it helps our clients by providingĀ  insights to not only how much traffic is coming to their site butĀ how that traffic is getting there and where users are going.

In-depth Reporting

Google Analytics can generate nearly any report you are seeking data for in regards to website traffic. If you have online marketing business goals in mind, analytics can generate a report to mimic those goals. Detailed analytic reports offer unmatched insights to what works on your website and where there could be improvements made.

Localmize trusts and relies on Google Analytics to support any raw data generated from websites.

We can customize any report you with to see. We don’t hide any analytics from our clients as we are focused on building a client relationship and maintaining strong communication with all our clients. Localmize is here to assist you in your business and marketing goals.

Localizing Your Business

Localmize prides themselves on complying with the changing algorithms for both Bing and Google search consoles which is why we are constantly making updates to sites and why we encourage all our clients to come in for monthly meetings. We ask just one hour of your time each month to thoroughly sit down and go over analytics in depth.

Focused on building client relationships and maintaining communication, Localmize’s philosophy is to fully assist you in your business and marketing goal creating a localized approach to marketing.

Reach your business goals by properly tracking them with web analytic tracking. Let Localmize take your business to the next level with insights from Google Analytics.