Website Analytics

Website analytics is the collection, measurement and analysis of all website data. This analysis is used to optimize your website through design and keyword placement. The goal is to build a site that we can continue to add content to so that your ranking stays high and your site stays fresh and active. Localmize analysts continually monitor our client sites to adjust and improve the effectiveness of each site.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Localmize clients are given monthly analytics that include data concerning:

  • Organic SEO Rankings
  • Competition Reporting
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media¬†

First A Baseline...Then Monthly Tracking

Once a baseline has been established for performance, we track your website data internally. Using Google Analytics enables Google Adwords and our call tracking metrics to track your website traffic, calls, PPC advertising and your social media campaign. Google analytics also tracks duration on site, which pages and how much time was spent on each. With Localmize, you will have access to completely transparent data and a team of experts to make the necessary changes.
Our goal is always to put you ahead of your competition. Our analysts and designers are always willing to answer questions or implement new ideas as long as they optimize your website data.