Personal Services SEO

Potential customers are searching for your personal services online everyday…

But are they finding you?

Your personal services website might look nice, but SEO is essential to ensure that your website will actually be seen by online prospects searching for the services that you offer.

At Localmize, we pair our website design services with our extensive SEO experience to create a website that can be easily found by potential customers in your area. We can apply our SEO services to improve your existing website or pair SEO with custom website design to give your online presence a complete overhaul.

During the website building process, we implement the latest search engine optimization technique to make sure that your website ranks high on multiple search engines for the terms and areas that you want to reach.

Online search engines have become the most popular tool for finding personal services of virtually every kind, and you don’t want to lose out on valuable prospects to competitors with a better online presence.

Personal Services SEO & Website Design FAQ

See the following list for answers to some of your question about the personal services SEO and website design process.

  1. Do you use web design templates? All of our designs are created custom for your business.
  2. Is the site easy to update? We use a content management system that allows novice users to make simple text changes, update news and blog posts and other maintenance.
  3. Can I use my existing logo? Absolutely. We want to ensure that the landscape web design for your business matches any existing branding your company currently employs.
  4. Can I request revisions to the design? Yes. We want to make sure that you are completely happy with the design because it represents your company.
  5. Can you use my business’ marketing material? Yes. We can create designs that mirror text, images and colors of your other landscape company’s marketing material (flyers, business cards, other websites, etc).
  6. Do I own the final design? Yes. Once the design is complete and payment has been received, you own the final design and corresponding HTML code and website graphics.

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